Introduction to Leading a Team

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who has responsibility for directly managing a team of people. This will be especially useful to newly appointed Managers and Team Leaders since the course covers some critical foundation topics that will enhance your people management skills.

What will you achieve?
By the end of the workshop you will have explored the subject of leading a team, considering the key roles of a leader of a team and how to help individuals within the team to maximise their potential. This workshop will improve your management skills for the benefit of you, your organisation and your team.


    • Managing or Leading
    • Exploring the differences and similarities between these two functions and identifying how you can develop key skills in both areas.
    • Action Centred Leadership
    • An easy to apply model that helps you get the right balance of key elements of focus, the mark of a successful manager and leader.
    • What’s My Leadership Style?
      Identifying your preferred style and the options available to you to enable you to flex your approach for increased effectiveness.
    • Motivating Others
      Exploring Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and identifying the impact of this on people’s motivation.
  • Coaching the Performance
    A key skill for any leader / manager of people, enabling you to help people to maximise their potential, including:
    – what is coaching? – defining what is meant by business coaching;
    – coaching styles – the options available to you and the benefits of each approach;
    – the influence of the coach when choosing a coaching style;
    – coaching structure – an effective way to manage coaching opportunities.
  • Giving Effective Feedback
    How to build confidence and competence.
  • Delegation
    Using the Skill / Will matrix to determine the most effective approach.
  • Time Management
    How to manage your own time effectively to enable you to focus on managing your team.



  • 2 days



  • £800 per delegate



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